Formulation, Analysis, and Measurement of Fines

by Horace Pops and Gil Baker


 �Formulation, Analysis, and Measurement of Fines�,  H. Pops and G. Baker, Wire Journal Intl., Vol. 42, No. 10, Oct. 2009, pp. 68-79.   ( Best Paper Award Winner) 



An analysis has been made of the origin, microstructures, and make-up of fines in non-ferrous products during both rod production and wire drawing. A morphological genus has been determined for these contaminants leading to descriptions of eight different formation mechanisms, namely, surface oxides, abrasive and third body wear, adhesive wear, slivers, surface deformation, delamination, and chemical compounds.  In addition, a new method has been developed to quantitatively determine the fines-potential of rod samples.  Finally, several methods of reducing fines are discussed.


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