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Development of automated, user-friendly instruments with tight confidence intervals.


Combining skills in mechanical design, electronics and software development to create accurate & repeatable instruments for quality control (QC) or R&D analysis.


New instruments are developed, existing manual instruments are automated and multiple instruments are integrated. 


Our specialties include electrochemical instruments and QC instruments for the metal working industry.


Instruments Produced and Supported by Confident Instruments:


Surface Oxide Tester:

Analyzes surface films on metals.


Fines Potential Analyzer:

Predicts the amount of fines that will be created when drawing a rod source.


Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) 

MSA is a tool used in the Six Sigma process method, which is useful in analyzing all instruments.  Read more.


Instrument Integration

Merge the instruments you use most into one unit for a simpler interface and/or less to carry.  Instrument Integration will also result in a smaller footprint when lab bench space is at a premium.  Additionally, in the integration process we can make instruments more user-friendly and intuitive.  As well as adding useful features such as Ethernet communication.



Engineering Capabilities

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Recommendation the New Book "Wire Technology"



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Confident Instruments is the Winner of Two WAI Best Paper 

Awards of (2008 and 2011) Related to Two of the Instruments 

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